Minerva Urecal, 62, Manhattan: Do they have to play so loud? I guess they're talented, but why is music so loud today? Back when we used to hear Mabel Mercer at Cafe Society nobody was screaming at you. The only one I can stomach out of all these performers today is that Coolio. He seems very nice. What's that song of his, Gangsters Paradise? How does that go again? Dee dee dum dee dum ...
Sam McDaniel, 45, Brooklyn: I guess it's entertainment for the white people. Every tune they play reminds me of that song "she'll be coming 'round the mountain when she comes." You ever see that TV show Seinfield? How come nobody has any kids? What's up with these white people? And what about Sonic Youth and Kronos Quartet? If they didn't have a woman in each of their groups, who would listen to them?
Byron Foulger, 37, Queens: Remember when the Tippers used to play every week in that place on Third Street? They used to have dollar drafts over there. They should play there again. Hey, buy me a drink. Come on, you're asking for my name and my age, what's in it for me? Come on, I ate too many of those beer nuts over there. Just one drink. Charge it to your newspaper, little lady. Where did you go to school, Harvard?
Sybil Jason, 15, Westchester: Why do you have to be 21 to drink? I always get served when I go to Limelight. I don't know, their music just doesn't seem fast enough. And nobody ever gets into a fight when the Tippers play live. The last time I was at the Continental I saw a guy get punched in the groin. And then I saw this other guy rip the payphone right out of the wall. And he turned out to be Noel, the booking agent. Do you think I should get a nipple ring?
Jimmy Lydon, 28, Manhattan: Screw the Tippers. I used to be in a band called Projectile Diarrhea and we played in the same exact clubs they do. And we were better. If anybody deserved to make it, it was us. You know that song Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana? Same exact chords as More Than a Feeling. You know that song Here I Go by Green Day? Same chord progression as 25 or 6 to 4. I never believed anything that Kurt Cobain ever did anyway. Even when he killed himself, I still didn't believe it was sincere.
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